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North Pacific 44' Sedan Sea Trial

Roger McAfee | Sea Magazine | November 2017

Testing a North Pacific yacht is a difficult task for any marine writer. The boats have been designed and built for comfortable, safe and economical coastal cruising on any of the world’s oceans, but they are most at home in the Pacific Northwest and southeast Alaska. It’s very difficult, even for a “cranky” boat tester, to find something major that needs improvement.

North Pacific’s new 44 Sedan is a single-engine coastal cruising trawler, a vessel type rapidly growing in popularity as sailors move to power. For owners, a nice benefit to trawlers’ increased popularity is that it helps keep resale value up.

The North Pacific 44 Sedan is impressive at the dock. It has a big, husky look, yet the molded-in plank lines give the hull texture and elegance. The fiberglass work is bright and shiny without haze or print-through.

With a main-deck interior that’s all on the same level — the head and accommodations are down and forward — the 44 is a sedan cruiser. The helm station is forward and to starboard in the deckhouse, and from that location the skipper can easily see the entire 22 feet of the deckhouse and into the aft cockpit.

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