Fall Update, 2014

We hope everyone enjoyed their cruising season and is now thinking about next year’s adventure (in a new boat maybe?☺) . Also, we’d like to thank everyone who came to see us at the Seattle Boats Afloat Show and the Annapolis Power Boat Show this fall.

Our 9th annual rendezvous took place at Telegraph Harbour, Thetis Island, in the Canadian Gulf Islands in September. Owners had the opportunity to learn a lot about their NPs from fellow owners, listen to informative seminars and enjoy some great company. We heard wonderful stories from people who lived on their NPs this summer for several months as well as stories from weekend boaters and everything in between. It is great to see the enthusiasm, the obvious joy and great memories that people form out on the water. One of our favorite adventures came from new NP owners. They took ownership of their NP early July and after a one week shakedown cruise they headed North. We didn’t recommend this but they had a goal and did not want to put their dreams on hold. Here is what they did and those who know this area will recognize that this is a very ambitious first Summer with a new boat.

“One hell of a trip and a wondrous summer coming to an end.  We ran about 500 hours, traveled as far north as Glacier Bay where we spend over a week, came back via the Charlottes, traveling from Prince Rupert across Dixon Entrance to Masset and then down the West coast of Graham, through the Skitigate cut to Queen Charlotte City, the East coast of Moresby and back across Hecate Straits from Rose Harbor where we were holed up waiting for weather to subside – it blew 35-50 for a week.  We grabbed a very small window of opportunity to cross Hecate and ran from roughly 8:30 PM until 9 AM next morning, with Anne sick below – a long and rough night but the boat did well.

Boat preformed very well and the work to be done after 500 hours reasonable.

Henry M Aronson – NP43, Diva 2.0”

We hope to hear many more great stories from NP owners all over the World and hope they will post some of them on the owners website http://www.northpacificyachts.com

Now for NP news: We’ve been busy at North Pacific Yachts the past few months building new vessels and working on new designs. As you may have seen in earlier blog posts we are working on the North Pacific 58’ Pilothouse and the North Pacific 44’ Sedan. The NP58 is still in the design phase and we plan to start building molds in the spring. We have started the molds for the NP44 Sedan and hope to begin construction of hull #1 in April 2015. Please follow our website and Facebook page for updates as things progress.

The new North Pacific 49 was featured on the cover of Sea Magazine, Passagemaker and Pacific Yachting over the past 5 months (see our Press section) and we are hoping for some press on the new North Pacific 45 that was delivered this Spring. If you haven’t seen the new North Pacific 45’ Pilothouse or 49’ Pilothouse please contact us for a look. We are sure you will be very impressed, as the writers were, with North Pacific Yachts’ Next Generation.

Several pre-owned NPs changed hands over the past few months and what looks to have been a busy brokerage season for almost everyone seems to be continuing this fall. Listings are way down but we are expecting a couple new ones and if you’d like to be notified when one is coming available please send us an email and let us know what you are looking for.

Thank you for reading our fall update. We hope you’ll continue to follow along and hope one day you’ll join the happy and growing fleet of NP owners in a new or pre-owned North Pacific. Start making your dream a reality…

NP43 Diva 2.0, Glacier Bay, Alaska
Above: NP43, Diva 2.0 – Glacier Bay, Alaska
Courtesy Henry Aronson