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North Pacific Yachts

What started as a fun family project trying to design the “perfect” boat culminated in the formation of North Pacific Yachts in January 2004, when the first NP43 arrived in Seattle for the boat show. At the time, John and Trevor Brice had been boating together in the Pacific Northwest for 23 years. They had owned several different boats ranging from 12–44', of all types, from trawlers to fast planing hulls. With all these boats, they found themselves complaining about the way things were installed, the lack of storage, the poor layout and quality. North Pacific Yachts was created to address all these issues and has steadily evolved into our Next Generation.

North Pacific Yachts are built with a focus on achieving the highest level of quality so that your time on the water is safer and more enjoyable. Our vessels are built to ABYC standards and our construction techniques are both proven and modern. For example we build time-tested, solid, hand-laid fiberglass hulls, but use modern vinyl ester resins in the outer layers. We install quality brand name equipment that is build to last. Our semi-displacement hull designs are stable, seaworthy and efficient at lower speeds while allowing for higher cruise speeds when the need arises. They have proven themselves all over the world in all types of different conditions from the freezing waters of Alaska to the tropics of SE Asia. However, we do understand that inevitably maintenance will be required. North Pacific Yachts are designed so that all equipment and wiring are easily accessible, greatly reducing frustration and expense when that time comes.

North Pacific Yachts are built with world-class, warm and inviting interiors that exude quality. The soft wood finish, perfectly book-matched cabinetry and bent lamination techniques employed are sure to impress. We focus on proper direct and indirect lighting, giving the interiors a warm and inviting feel. Best of all, NP owners are able to customize their vessel to perfectly reflect their needs and style from major interior layout changes to the smaller details like grain orientation.

With features that allow for a long LWL relative to the LOA, our vessels are designed to maximize usable living and storage space. We focus on high ceilings, large windows and materials that add to the comfort and feeling of spaciousness in our vessels. North Pacific Yachts are often compared to vessels 20% longer, giving owners the comfort they seek in a more manageable length.

We believe in offering a comprehensive package that takes a lot of stressful decisions out of the order and commissioning process. Be sure to compare our standard list carefully with other offerings on the market. You will find that many quality and often very expensive equipment/features that are standard on all North Pacific Yachts are optional on other offerings. You are welcome to customize your equipment list, but if you choose not to, the standard package we offer is equipped and ready to operate except for a dinghy and personal items. Before we begin construction on any vessel, we will have had detailed conversations about your goals and requirements in order to ensure your vessel is equipped properly for an exceptional cruising experience.

Most importantly we, at North Pacific Yachts, are dedicated to total owner satisfaction. If you order a new North Pacific, we will make sure that you are pleased with your decision. Since 2004 we have delivered well over 100 fine vessels to happy owners. They are our friends and best advocates. We stay in contact and take their feedback and advice seriously, incorporating many of their ideas into our new vessels. This has greatly helped us to improve and evolve our product over the years and has lead many NP owners to order their second or third new North Pacific. New NP owners and owners moving up within the line benefit from this vast collective experience and you can too. We are able to ensure your experience from pre-order to post-delivery as we don’t operate through a 3rd party dealer network. Not only does this provide for a great experience, but it also allows us to control our overhead costs and offer premium quality, custom vessels at competitive prices.

Contact us today to learn more about our vessels and how we can customize your perfect boat.

Start making your dream a reality …

John Brice

After touring many different yards around China, John met the owners of the factory in 2002 and knew right away that they were the right partners. John knew what to look for, as he has been dealing with the nuances of business in Asia for more than 35 years, even operating a factory in Taiwan for three years in the 1970s. In 1984, he founded Quality Craft Ltd; a company that has grown from one office and one employee to 10 offices and more than 70 employees throughout North America and China. Quality Craft Ltd. supplies hundreds of retailers around North America from companies with just one store to the largest multinational retailers with a wide range of over 2,000 different products. John has imported billions of dollars worth of products and his extensive experience in dealing with manufacturers has been critical to the success of North Pacific Yachts.

John currently spends the majority of his time in Asia working to develop new products in his China offices. He also has a 49’ Pilothouse under construction and plans to cruise from Hong Kong, through the Philippines, to Micronesia and eventually down to Australia.

Trevor Brice

Spending as much time on the water as possible, Trevor started boating at 6 weeks old and has been passionate about it ever since. His other passion is flying — so after graduating high school, Trevor earned a commercial pilot license and business degree in a four-year program. From a young age he was also very interested in John’s business, Quality Craft Ltd. Trevor made his first trip to China at the age of fourteen, returning several times a year since. Naturally the discussion evolved from building their own perfect boat to forming a business based on the same principles that made Quality Craft a success: quality products, controlled overhead and customer service. Trevor has thoroughly enjoyed this business over the past 14 years, with many of his customers becoming friends in the process. He also enjoys the constant challenge of evolving NP Yachts and adding new designs. Trevor sees this business as a lifelong project. He is committed to customer service, and you can count on him to stand behind your new yacht as long as you own it.


Malcolm Ellison

Malcolm has been commissioning and working on North Pacific Yachts since 2006. Since then, he has commissioned dozens of new boats; handling the warranty work in British Columbia since that time. Malcolm knows these vessels inside out and is there to help customers at any time. North Pacific owners see the value in Malcolm’s service, with nearly the entire Canadian fleet bringing their boats back to him for yearly maintenance.

Rick Bunting

Rick Bunting joined the North Pacific team in 2007 when he took delivery of his own NP43. Rick mentioned that he wanted to commission the yacht himself, doing a great job in the process. Naturally, NP saw the value in Rick’s knowledge of his boat and skills as a mechanic. Since then, he has commissioned or helped commission every East Coast delivery as well as proving excellent warranty work and after-sale support.

Dave Rasmussen

Dave has been in the boating business for twenty years. Since 2012, he has been commissioning the new NPs that arrive in Washington as well as providing outstanding service and warranty work. NP first met Dave through a customer referral, of which he gets many. Dave’s work is first class; he gets the job done and has a reputation to back this up.


The stunning factory contains over 200,000 square ft of covered workspace. On site, there are buildings dedicated to lamination and metal working, along with shops for woodworking and a dust free paint shop. Our yachts then near completion in our production area before reaching perfection in the final finishing area. There is also a well-organized and well equipped storage facility, a large kitchen and beautiful offices for CAD design and production management. The riverfront factory has a travel lift, allowing boats to launch and become sea trialed before shipping. Critically, management understands the need to produce quality vessels and to constantly improve. Their experience goes as far back as 1967 in Taiwan, constructing over 3,000 yachts in the process.